Welcome to SHAMBALA TANTRIC MASSAGE LOUNGE, a luxury massage parlour that offers you the most beautiful relaxing atmosphere in Warsaw.

In the SHAMBALA TANTRIC MASSAGE LOUNGE thrives in warmth and privacy. Every session is meticulously prepared to welcome you, so you can relax knowing everything is taken care off.

Some exotic, soft music will quietly play – soothing and hypnotizing you into a state of inner calm and pure relaxation.

Our exceptional masseuses combine the different techniques of massage with the erotic elements of Tantric massage. They use a variety of moves such as gliding strokes and kneading to help the body relax.

Tantric Sensual Massage allowing energies to flow and relieve pain, physical tension and emotional stress. Our massage treatments will energize and revitalize your body, mind and soul.

At Shambala we offer massages like Tantric MassageSensual MassageErotic MassageFour Hands MassageLingam MassageYoni Massage.

If you’ve been looking for a place to relax, SHAMBALA TANTRIC MASSAGE LOUNGE is the place you need to go.


Tantra massage

Tantra massage is a meditative massage practice. It shows you the way to consciousness in your life. The main goal of tantra massage is a harmony. The human in tantra is a body and an energy both, therefore this massage ranked not just as mechanical technic, but an energy practice. Our version of this massage includes classic, Thai and Spanish technics with elements of bioenergy effect on human energy through the stimulation of energy centers on the body. With this massage your energy is starting arise, controlled by our massage therapist. This massage helps to expand your knowledge about your own sexuality.


Sensual massage

Sensual massage is very pleasant. The main purpose of this massage is tactile pleasure, but also it’s a good for well-being, because it increases of oxytocin and dopamine level in our body. Hereupon the muscle tension is getting relax and the energy going to release.


Erotic massage

Erotic massage is designed for getting a higher level of pleasure. The massage creates ambience of intimacy, trust and happiness. This type of massage lets you to get a peak of physical arousal. The therapist focuses on sensual stroking, using same technics as with a regular classic massage, but more tender and gentle. The process of watching movements of beautiful naked masseuse can help you to satisfy your fantasies.


Massage in four hands

This is a synchronical massage provided by two therapists in the same time. This type of massage gives a maximum of pleasant sensations.


Massage Lingam

The lingam in ancient Indian mythology symbolizes the active male energy. Lingam massage is a special kind of massage, It focuses on stimulating and massaging intimate areas. This massage is traditionally performed with enjoyable movements of the masseuse’s hands. Massage lingam creates a stream of sensations, gives a new interesting experience allowing you to immerse in your own deep feelings.


Yoni massage

Yoni is a Sanskrit term, in Hinduism it defines the female perceiving energy. The massage is sensual and pleasant, its purpose is to awake in a woman an awareness of her own sexuality. This massage gives new emotions and reveals female sexuality.

8 reasons to visit our salons


We select the best option for your wishes.


A massage parlor in the city center. We serve companies up to 4 people.


The atmosphere is warm and private, surrounded by a pleasant interior.


Each session is carefully prepared for the reception of guests.


Pleasant and soothing music to relax.


Masseuses combine massage techniques with erotic elements


Natural materials, oils, candles, aroma therapy.


Our employees undergo continuous professional development.

Shambala Tantric Massage Rules

He is able to express the expression of feelings between two people. Interestingly, it does not matter which part of the body is exposed, it is important that each of the partners experienced love and sincerity.

But not everyone knows how to do it. There are general rules to be followed when performing tantric massage for a man:

  •     You need to choose the right place for the procedure. It could be the floor. It is worth spreading a soft and pleasant blanket on it, light scented candles. In this case, you need to try to choose the right scent to please the man;
  •     Tantric massage uses oil to provide a pleasant sensation. But it should be understood that such products have a scent, it is desirable that it be combined with the scent of a candle;
  •     A man needs to relax and enjoy the touch of a woman’s hands. The woman’s hands should caress the man’s body;
  •     Incorrect body position can lead to stress, so it is important to choose a good posture;
  •     During the massage, it is important to slowly approach the sacrum, where the most important sexual point of a man is located. Gentle massage with the fingertips allows you to awaken the body’s sexual energy;
  •     For a partner to experience excitement, you need to sit on him correctly. This is the place between the feet. You need to massage each leg.

Features of massage in the Shambala Warsaw salon

During the massage, it is necessary to make the man feel bliss and lightness in his body. It should be performed in dim light, when both partners are naked. Gentle and caressing touches open up blocked energy flows.

You need to relax as much as possible and try to focus on the sensations. The basis of tantric intimate massage is the caress of the male genitals, so it is important to do it right. A man should feel bliss and pleasure. He will achieve a vivid orgasm and psychological harmony.

Tantric massage is suitable for everyone, without exception. But according to the degree of touch, age must be taken into account.

Preparing for a TANTRIC MASSAGE

It isfor a tantric massage necessary to prepare. The room where it will be performed should be warm and cozy atmosphere. Indoors, the temperature should be about 25 degrees, because only in this way the body will be in comfort. The partner will be able to relax.

During the massage, extraneous sounds should not interfere so that the partner concentrates on each other.

The light needs to be dimmed.

To enhance the sensations, the partner needs to be blindfolded. Hearing, sight and smell play an important role in increasing arousal. When everything happens at the level of instincts, then relaxation and pleasure will be maximum.

Tantric Massage Technique

Various techniques can be used during the massage. Movements should be unhurried and fluid. You need to enjoy each other at the visualization level. From time to time it is worth looking into the eyes of your partner.

First, oil is applied to the body. This must be done carefully. One hand should be placed on the shoulder blades, and the other on the tailbone. After that, you need to perform smooth slides over the body, being in constant contact with it.

Gradually you need to increase the touch. After reaching the coccyx area, it is worth going up to the back and continuing the manipulations. Then you need to move on to performing a massage of the shoulders and arms.

Helpful Tantric Massage Tips in Shambala Warsaw Poland

In massage, it is important to listen to each other’s wishes. Before the massage, you can take a bath together, warm up and relax. It is necessary to monitor the man’s reaction to certain actions.

The massage can take over an hour. Time depends on how much the partners trust each other and are frank with each other.

The massage has an exciting effect, so it is often followed by a continuation.

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