This kind of massage is good for health and increase our body stamina and blood circulation. massage therapy are used to long time for medical purpose.

One f the best thinks about sensuаl massage is that it cаn help You relax and ease muscle tension all ovеr your body . Our gorgeous masseuses are fully trаined to work with your muscles to reduce stress. Our girls аre expеrts when it comes to mаking you completely rested аnd revitalized the moment you stеp your foot through our door.

We provide an аuthentic sensual massage thаt is surely pleasurable trеat evеn for the most discriminating mеn.

Relaxing sensuаl massage

Relaxation sensuаl massage (RM) is one of the methods of treatment and prevention of many diseases, as well as a super tool for improving health. In fact, a relaxing massage is a massage of the whole body or its individual parts, which is done with the hands. The movements of the masseur with this type of massage can be directed both in the direction of movement of the lymph in the vessels, and against.

It is mainly used to relax the internal muscles and raise the general tone of the body. Relaxing sensuаl massage is perfect for those who are loaded with physical and mental work, as well as have mental and emotional problems.

When you live in a big metropolis, you need to alternate between work and rest from time to time. In order to get complete relaxation, it is recommended to do a general relaxation massage.

This type of sensuаl massage cannot be replaced with prolonged muscle and nervous tension, fatigue, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome and asthenic conditions. In the body, the internal reserves of self-regulation and the restoration of the body’s resources are renewed, and efficiency is increased. Approximate session time – 1 hour.

In addition, massage in combination with aromatic oils, musical accompaniment is an excellent modern meditation, which abruptly removes all fatigue and restores working capacity, reduces fatigue, and makes you in a good mood.

The uniqueness of the relaxing massage is the amazing philosophy of the structure of the soul and body, the “vital energy” circulating in it. Massage removes congestion on the way of its passage.

Effects of a relaxing sensuаl massage on the nervous system:

By doing various massage techniques, changing their strength and duration of exposure, you can change the functional state of the human cerebral cortex, decrease or increase the excitation of the central nervous system, amplify or revive lost reflexes, improve your nutrition and gas exchange of nerve fibers and the conduction of nerve impulses.

We can read about the relaxation massage technique in a whole bunch of massage and self-massage guides. Many authors note in their works about the need to preserve already past massage techniques, warning against the unreasonable intention of some specialists to complicate their technique. It is not the invention of new techniques itself that is important, but the development on the basis of existing relaxation massage techniques of our own techniques that can be used differentially and in accordance with indications.

In total, 9 main massage techniques are distinguished: stroking, squeezing, kneading, shaking, rubbing, active and passive movements, movements with resistance, percussion techniques, shaking, where it is necessary to strictly follow the sequence during the session of this massage. Some specialists in the field of relaxing massage distinguish 4 main techniques (stroking, rubbing, kneading, vibration).

Massage techniques are divided according to their physiological effect: on the skin (stroking, rubbing, percussion techniques), on muscles (squeezing, kneading, felting, shaking, shaking, percussion techniques, movements), on joints, ligaments, tendons (movements, rubbing). AF Verbov, instead of the concept of “shock”, introduced the term “vibration”, with which he combined all the techniques (tapping, shaking, chopping, shaking, shaking, patting).

Many authors think that stroking, rubbing, kneading, vibration and passive movements are the main methods of manual massage. When describing the technique of massage techniques, some of the names of the techniques make it possible to more accurately and more easily understand their effect.

Basic relaxation massage techniques

Practicing massage therapists use 4 relaxation massage techniques:

Stroking. Any massage should begin with this technique. It promotes maximum relaxation of the muscle corset, has a positive effect on the central nervous system, reduces pain, and also improves blood flow and skin elasticity.

Trituration. Designed to improve blood flow in problem areas and increase the regeneration of connective tissues. Especially effective for neuralgia, bruises and radiculitis.

Kneading. Promotes stimulation of metabolic and regenerative processes in the body, leads to muscle tone

Vibration. Promotes the restoration of lost reflexes and stimulation of the myoneural apparatus. And also, due to the impact on the deepest subcutaneous layers, it improves the functioning of internal organs.

The benefits of a relaxing sensuаl massage

No wonder they say that massage is a pleasure, which is also useful. During the massage, we relax and receive a large portion of pleasant sensations, we also improve our health.

Massage helps to improve blood and lymph circulation, joint mobility, relaxes tired muscles and increases their tone, reduces subcutaneous fat and swelling, strengthens the back, etc.

Massage has a beneficial effect on the body, it also has a positive effect on your emotional state, as it stimulates the production of endorphins “hormones of happiness”.

And endorphins are capable of not only positively affecting the emotional condition, but also reduce or completely relieve pain. We conclude: massage also has an analgesic effect.

Using oils during a relaxing sensuаl massage

Properly selected oil helps to protect your skin from stretching and damage, and also enhances the effect.

Massage oils should be on a natural basis, because such oils contain a large amount of minerals, vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can fully saturate the skin and keep it young and elastic.

Body massage oils are selected individually depending on the desired effect. For example, if you have cellulite, you can massage an anti-cellulite oil (usually made from citrus fruits). And if, for example, you have dry skin, then it is better to use olive oil for massage.

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