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Erotic Massage is a massage to detox your body and rejoice your happy life.

These massages are designed to release your stress and daily tension. It allows you to experience the power of touch and feel pampered by another human being.

The erotic massage incorporates various massage techniques. This type of program focuses on sensuous stroking, ensuring that you can totally relax and switch off from your everyday routine. A warm infusion of pure natural oil is delicately introduced to your body which seeps into your pores as your Masseuse kneads and massages your physical stress and tensions away.

Explore the sensations that flow through the core of your body and make you enter a realm of deep relaxation. Massage thrives in warmth and privacy with smooth music, candlelight, and scented oils – soothing you into a state of inner calm and pure relaxation.

Erotic massage

For a long time, erotic massage has been referred to medical procedures that have the ability to restore limb mobility, blood supply to the organs, relax muscle spasms, remove nervous and physical tension. Classic strokes, crushing, directed vibrations and other techniques have proved their effectiveness more than once.

These, perfectly adhering to the body of manipulation, in many ways have become rich due to the addition of touch to them to the areas close to the intimate parts of the body. After all, it is the stimulation of these areas that sharpens the sensibility of a person, activates his erogenous zones, and causes a rush of blood in the pelvic zone. Rapid heartbeat is an excellent prevention of heart disease.

Also, this kind of massage is often done with the touch of the body of the massage therapist or massage therapist to the body of the client. This massage is called erotic. He immediately relaxes the body and, of course, excites the reflection. The erotic massage acquires a special acuity in the process of washing the body with the help of aromatic oils and thanks to the smell of odorous herbs and tar.

Creation of the necessary furnishings, immersion of the client in the atmosphere of intimacy aims at obtaining special sensations for which erotic massage is known.

To get the greatest pleasure, you need to follow a number of mandatory rules that provide this kind of massage. As we have already said, the first is the creation of a comfortable and warm environment with dim lights and quiet, relaxing music. The client must be without unnecessary clothing, because even small elastic bands, ribbons or narrow parts of the fabric should not interfere with the movements of the hands and parts of the body of the massage therapist, but the massage therapist must be in good health.

At the beginning of the massage, the client must be covered with a light sheet of the waist and the further action to expose it should be part of the process. The massage can be started with a light stroke of the back and shoulder area or by crushing the toes of the toes, slowly lifting up to the zone of the calf and gluteus muscles.

It is necessary to use aromatically oil when the skin heats up from the process of the classic massage, it is then that the evaporation process will intensify, which will give the procedure the necessary sharpness of sensations. Rubbing oil over the body should gently bring the hands of the massage therapist to the most intimate parts of the body. It is at this moment that you need to start intimate zones, touching the body of the massage therapist to the body of the client and gentle rests in the state of touch.
Thai erotic massage

The distinction of classic massage, Thai erotic massage is distinguished by its unusual ritual, proper oriental medicine. It is said that Thai massage acts on the energy centers of the body, stimulates bioactive points, and activates the nervous system. As a rule, such a massage is done by one or two naked girls, who, to increase the effectiveness of the action, use almost all parts of the body – the stomach, chest, thighs, berries and even hair ends.

The massage process is aimed not only at receiving the release, but also, the client has pleasant sensations that have a connection with erotic fantasies. All stages of erotic massage, as it suits the Eastern image, has its own name. For example, the technique “Leap to happiness” is done when the massage therapist hugs the client’s neck with her legs and presses the lower abdomen to him. In the “Girl’s Kiss” technique, lips are used.

The massage therapist takes parts of the skin tightly with her lips and pulls them into her mouth a little. During other techniques, the massage therapist, first with the breast, and then with the belly slides over the body of the client, for a second freezing that the client felt which part of the massage is being done. Thai erotic massage is somewhat reminiscent of a silent erotic spectacle, which gives the most unexpected emotions and sensations.

Also, one of the specialties of Thai massage is rubbing in specially formulated herbal oils that stimulate and excite the reproductive system. This action makes it possible to keep all the organs of the pelvic zone of the body in tone for a long time.

Of course, erotic massage for a man should be done by a girl, and since massage is a rather energy-intensive process, therefore, it is desirable that two girls participate. Erotic massage is valuable because all actions are done with light and gentle strokes, while the girls’ hands work in the best possible way.

Before the massage, you need to take a hot shower or bath, which will relieve some of the stress and prepare the body for the massage.

It is good to start the massage when the man lies on his stomach, stretching his arms out to the side of the body, palms up. The masseuses start with slow strokes of the back and feet first. Further, they accelerate the movements, while they use all the well-known techniques of classic massage, which can cause excitement throughout the body. While the client does not see the masseurs, but only feels their hands, a free-form blind game takes place, which excites him even more.

When the massage therapists feel the client’s excitement, they turn him over on his back and begin to massage his chest, abdomen and hips, bend his legs and arms, also touching them with their own body. WITH Radiant touch to the intimate areas of a man gives a thrill of sensations and strongly excites.

A smooth reduction in the intensity of action, slowing down of movements, and a decrease in the proportion of touching with parts of the body bring a man into a state of relaxation, which gives him great pleasure.

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