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The Tantra massage also called as a path to your personality and fuller awareness of life. Its includes various techniques from different schools of massage with elements from yoga and bioenergetic. With this massage you will increase your knowledge about sexuality and develop perception skills and physical and spiritual stimulation.

It’s the way You can fully recognized desires of your mind and your body. Such kind of massage will open up all of your senses, so You will experience reality at the level You have never dreamed of before. You will recover your sense of closeness and tenderness. Since You will receive the massage just surrender to the rediscovery of senses feelings and emotions, transcend sexuality and sensuality.

Our masseuses are very qualified to perform tantric massage and will make your experience the full benefits of this prehistoric healing art. Their magic hands will lead your body and mind to complete bliss, so you will be further on your way to healthier, happier and mindful life.

Tantric massage Sambala Warsaw Poland

Tantric massage is based on the interaction of male and female energy, and helps the harmonious development of relations between a man and a woman.

Those who believe that not entirely right tantric massage is used solely for the purpose of delivering sexual pleasure to a partner is. First of all, it is aimed at releasing energy and restoring an emotional state. To achieve the expected effect, you should not give your actions an exclusively sexual connotation, but tune in to harmonize relations between loved ones.

Tantric massage is not only passion and eroticism, but a kind of meditation that helps to meet with the present. A strong tantric stream brings to the surface everything that is inside – the rejected and unloved parts of oneself. Revealing to a partner your strength, as well as vulnerability, subtlety, vulnerability, your passionate desires, requires great courage. Often people are afraid to display these qualities and are not ready to meet them.

The practice of tantra massage helps to fill yourself and your partner with love through touch, trains the ability to be aware, subtly feel the vibrations of bodies, feel energies, waves of excitement and relaxation, enjoy every moment. Letting go of all selfish and animal desires, open your heart and soul towards magic.

The pleasure of tantric massage depends not only on which part of the body you touch, but also on how close the relationship and the degree of trust between you and your partner.

For the best result during the massage, you need to be as relaxed as possible, keeping perception at the sensory level. It is important to tune in with your partner, to feel his excitement, to let his energy waves pass through you.

Tantra is one of the practices that teaches conscious pleasure: enjoying every day, every inhalation and exhalation, every moment of life, develops the skill to feel subtle vibrations, to hear yourself and the needs of your body more subtly. The main difference from conventional massage is in the goal of interaction between partners of their level of awareness.

Tantra massage is for you if your goal is to get to know your partner more deeply, to give new sensations of true pleasure, to help achieve maximum relaxation, a sense of satisfaction with yourself and the world. Tantric massage reveals in a person the ability to experience the pleasure of every cell of his body, as well as learn to achieve unity with his partner and with the Universe.

Tantra is an ancient philosophy, science and art, in which a special relationship to the body is practiced, it is perceived not just as a physical shell, but as an area of ​​circulation of vital energy and a temple of the soul, thanks to which we can live our lives on Earth and gain invaluable experience.

Warsaw Tantric Massage and erotic massage is a type of creative interaction in which we move from the usual zone of the mind to the zone of feelings and sensations, thus including intuitive actions, wisdom and knowledge that we might not normally be familiar with. And then, magically, our body during a session of relaxation and enjoyment receives a bonus health, beauty and a sea of ​​vitality. In moments of total relaxation, the brain begins to work on other waves that trigger the processes of self-regulation and healing of the whole organism.

The technique of performing tantric massage is very slow, yet dense touches that should be done with love, attention and care. Touch each other with love and tenderness, then you will definitely touch the Divine and be able to reveal new facets of yourself.

To enhance the effect of the actions performed, it is worth taking care of the appropriate environment in advance. Twilight should reign in the room, scented candles should burn and gentle music should sound. Aromatic oils are a must for this action. Before the session, you must take a bath and wear comfortable, non-restricting clothing.

This practice is passed to already established couples who choose it consciously. In such cases, there is an opportunity not only to develop sensitivity, to reach a new level of intimacy, acceptance and understanding of each other, but also to live a deep experience of contact with the Divine.

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