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Lingam massage is a practice that truly honors a man.

“Lingam” is an ancient tantric word used to describe the penis, and is also known as the “staff of life”. In the practice of Tantra the Lingam is believed to radiate creative energy and pleasure.

This style of massage focuses on stimulating and massaging your genital’s. Your chosen masseuse will apply a range of different techniques and strokes to the lingam shaft, head, scrotum and testicles, whilst gently massaging your perineum and a few spots connected to the prostate. You will experience a range of different feelings and sensations.

Lingam massages are spiritual experiences that are performed to help you clear your mind and abandon negative energy, radiate creative energy and pleasure.

What is lingam massage and how to do it

Recently, there has been a tendency that is hard not to see. We all began to hear very often words, the meaning of which is not always understood by us. Life does not stand still, constantly something happens and our language is enriched with new vocabulary. To be honest, today everything is literally beating in foreign. Is it good or bad? Rather the first than the second. In order not to turn out to be a white thief, to understand what they are talking about around you, you need to have time to learn the meaning of new words or terms. And today we will talk about the lingam with you.

So what is a lingam massage? If you look at Wikipedia, you will immediately find out what the lingam (translated from Sanskrit) is called the divine male childbearing organ. This word has a very ancient meaning, as is the Hindu culture itself, with its caste system, with its Vedas, Ayurveda and many gods.

Today, very often we hear the phrase: “massage lingam.” People are purposefully looking for the meaning of these words, trying to understand what they are talking about.

Lingam, as it was said earlier, is not just a symbol of a male child-bearing organ, but also a symbol of light, an embodiment of God Shiva, which to this day is highly honored by all Hindus. In general, the word “lingam” has not so long gone into the lexicon of a modern person. The word is sound enough, if to say – beautiful, so why shouldn’t they denote a phalos?

In the East, as well as in India itself, various sexual practices have been fairly widespread. It is very difficult to surprise loving enthusiasts with something. But it is not worth thinking that only other peoples had such habits, and Matushka-Rus in this plan was left behind. Not at all! We also had enough of such pleasures.

Why do I need a lingam massage?

During the massage, not only the lingam is involved, but also the intimate zones. This massage pursues several ideas. Firstly, it is done to excite the partner, and secondly, it relaxes well, but the main goal is a healing effect. Lingam massage has a good effect on increasing the tension.

It is done both on an ergonomic lingam, as well as on a non-aerogerated lingam. We will not touch upon the reception of massage, we will only say that there is a huge number of them. In addition, massage techniques will depend on various factors, for example, on the presence or absence of circumcision, from which, o men are sensitive to certain zones.

The adherents of tantric practices believe that the massage of the lingam from time to time is necessary for both man and woman.
What does a man get?

Above all, pleasure. The main male task during the massage is to relax and enjoy the process.

It is assumed that if a man is fully immersed in his sensations, then the procedure will turn for him into waves of numerous organisms that are rolling over each other. and the final, when ejaculation nevertheless occurs, will be more intense and prolonged than with a normal sex act.

In addition, the lingam massage teaches you to better feel your own body, control sexual desires, and control ejaculation. That is, with proper practice, multiple organisms can be received during regular sex.
What does a woman get?

From a tantric point of view, when a girl gives a man pleasure by massaging his “rod of light”, she herself is filled with “light” – sexual energy.

So thanks to this massage, the girl gets to know the penis more closely. A member ceases to be something shameful and forbidden for her, and male reactions to touching the main erogenous zone become very understandable.
What does science say about all this?

Evidence-based medicine is discreetly silent. Scientists have not yet studied the effect of lingam massages on the possibility of receiving multiple organs and improving control over ejaculation.

Nevertheless, massage as one of the ways to improve blood circulation in male sex organs and, of course, to use sexual play completely has the right to be, the science is not opposed, and if you still massage her testicles and do it act.
How to do lingam massage?

Tantric sex, part of which is lingam massage, is a meditative procedure that does not tolerate heat or expulsion. It is necessary to prepare for it. And conduct, following the important rules.

Create an atmosphere. Dim the light – the lighting in the room should be soft and comfortable. Turn on some soft, spreading music. You can light aromatic candles. It is also worth putting a fluffy blanket on the floor in advance, scattering the pillows in the room, covering the bed with delicate silk sheets.
Prepare the massage oil. Ideally, if the aroma of butter is to the liking of both partners. it will fix tantric sex in memory. If you want to use solid oil, make sure it melts easily in your hands.
Pay attention to your breathing. It is important to synchronize it with the breathing of the partner. It is necessary for the two to try to breathe slowly, measuredly, feeling how you receive energy in the breath and exhale with what kind of peace. This will help to relax, and will also turn the massage into small

Little session of meditation.

Start the lingam massage from afar. Rub and warm the oil in your hands. Start the massage on the thighs, abdomen, chest (including nipples). Move your hands slowly and gently. This will allow the man to relax and tune in to the wave of future pleasures.

Fondle the area around the penis. Do not touch the “rod of light”, but neatly and easily massage the space and the mouse.

Move from bottom to top. It is only necessary to switch over to the massage proper to the type of lingam after you see that the penis hardens. You need to grab it with the fingers of one or both hands and slowly move up, gently kneading, caressing every part of the penis. When you reach the most sensitive point – the head, open the fingers and start moving from bottom to top again.

Do not let your partner ejaculate right now. If you see that he is ready, for a split second, remove your hands or slow down the speed of movement. Ejaculation is a pleasure for the final massage.

Do not forget about prostate massage. For this you may need a water-based lubrication. Place it on the tip of your finger and insert it into the anus to a depth of about 5 cm. The prostate is closer to the forehead. To the touch, this gland looks like a rounded bulge about the size of a walnut. Massage her with your finger gently and lightly and you need to be ready to stop the process if the man becomes unpleasant.

Allow the man to ejaculate. How long the lingam massage will last depends only on you: your mood and desires. Ideally, if it takes at least half a day.

At the end, speed up your movements a little in order to bring the man to the body and ejaculation. Continue to gently lingam massage, even when sperm spills out from it.

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