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Looking for more information about erotic massages and our services? Check out our FAQ section for helpful answers to common queries.

1. Is a massage painful or unpleasant?

Absolutely not, we offer a very relaxing massage. Of course, only a true professional and a fanatic of his work can perform a quality body massage. He must know about all the nuances of the body, and choose those intimate massage techniques that will be able to benefit and harmonize body and soul.

Many people know about the wonderful benefits of erotic massage. It promotes health, restores vital tone, lifts the spirit and has a beneficial effect on the entire body, allowing you to relax and take your mind off your daily worries. If you can’t get away from your problems and don’t think about them, then immediately come to our erotic massage salon “Shambala”, and you will definitely not be sorry for a second of your decision.

It is very important to find an experienced and sensitive masseuse who will guess your desires at a glance and is able to satisfy them. If you always take care of your body and take care of your health, always want to be cheerful and full of physical strength, then body massage from the first-class masseuses of the salon “Shambala” – the best option. After the first session you will feel a huge increase in life activity and positive energy, and you will be ready to overcome obstacles on the way to your goals.

2. Can massage help reduce stress and muscle tension?

From time to time, it’s a good idea to give yourself the right massage to let your body relax. This can help stimulate blood circulation, firm muscles and eliminate fatigue. It is very important that the massage is performed by qualified hands, professionally and with high quality. But there is another important fact to improve massage – beauty. It is the beauty of the masseuse that determines half the success of the session. This is why erotic massage is so popular among men today. It allows you to combine two pleasures into one: relax your muscles and pamper your libido.

For complete rest and relaxation after a tiring week at work, anyone can visit a massage parlor for relaxation, trying different techniques and ways of erotic massage under the tender hands of a professional masseuse. Intimate massage – is a special massage that promotes sexuality. During ancient times, body massage was widely practiced by religious pastors, rich and noble people. Oriental intimate massage rituals are very ancient and predate European traditions, this is due to the rapid pace of religious and cultural development of these peoples. Making love in the East was not only a goal of pure pleasure, but also a wonderful health-improving treatment. Erotic massage is a competently composed, charming intimate service and a masterpiece of erotic philosophy and a guide to the land of unknown sexual discoveries.

An important plus of our masseuses is their impeccable professionalism. They know perfectly how to work with the body, what points to press, what points are crucial. They don’t make any random movements, everything is done consciously. All this adds eroticism and intrigue to a standard massage. This perfect combination makes the treatment a source of supreme pleasure. Time flies fast when you are with our girls, they know how to enrich every second with sparkling sexuality.

If you want to try the best erotic massage, then you should definitely visit our salon. The gentle hands of our masseuses will transport you to a fascinating world, and their bodies will make your libido have a powerful surge. All your problems and stresses will disappear as soon as you cross our threshold. All our masseuses love their work, it is really important for them to give you pleasure. They have no complexes – only skill, passion and charm.

3. Is it possible to have a massage with two girls?

Fortunately, you can invite not one, but two girls into the massage room. This only adds to the spiciness during the massage. The salon is staffed by lovely girls who know how to give you a professional massage. These beauties will provide you with magical minutes that you will spend with real pleasure. Their bodies fascinate with their fluid shapes. Femininity and powerful sexual energy literally gush from these girls. Seeing our beauties, you just can’t resist, so the choice will be difficult. Therefore, visiting our erotic massage salon, you will not remain indifferent. This treatment will leave you with exciting memories that will call you again.

The masseuses in our salon are proficient in various massage techniques. And combined with exotic incense, completing the completeness of the ritual, they are able to bring a person to the peak of bliss – and at the same time sexual contact is completely excluded, as in any decent erotic massage parlor. This is the highest degree of divine tactile perception: it helps remove all tension and gives clarity of sensation – a unique orgasm.

The sacrament of intimate healing is like the magic of lovemaking: it aims to awaken the body’s inner reserves and desire for a radical change in life priorities. Scientists have proven that of the five known human senses, touch is considered very intimate. Touch awakens sexuality, promotes wellness and helps achieve a state of euphoria and pacification when the surrounding reality is infinitely exacerbated.
Only in our massage parlor will you experience a unique erotic massage, which is performed in the form of a magical mystery. By visiting us, you can see for yourself the authenticity of our services.

4. Why take advantage of an erotic massage?

Massage with erotic elements gives a completely new and vivid experience. Since monotony often leads to boredom, an erotic massage can help thoroughly arouse you. Such a massage is a great way to raise energy levels. This, in turn, allows you to become a more energetic and active person, which positively affects various aspects of life, including business and private life. Everyone needs a strong reset in order to feel energized and cope with various challenges in life.

People nowadays are often exposed to stress. Problems at work or a large number of duties to be performed lead to various tensions and blockages, which can lead to a significant loss of energy. With one session of erotic massage, you can relax and feel your body in a new way. An ordinary relaxation massage also has this effect, but an erotic massage has a double effect. During the massage, certain points are activated, the stimulation of which leads to deep relaxation and release of negative energy. In addition, beautifully groomed girls with gentle and caressing hands provide even more pleasure. Couplings and blockages that form due to fatigue, stress and other negative factors can lead to disease. The use of erotic massage techniques can prevent various problems that may arise in the future. In addition, massage involves areas responsible for certain organs, the stimulation of which will help maintain good health.

5. What type of massage does the salon offer?

We offer tantric-erotic massage. The massage session begins with a greeting from the masseuse. Then the masseuse will perform a gentle water jet massage under the shower and lead you to the Finnish sauna, which is heated up to 55-60 degrees, providing a comfortable environment for complete relaxation. Not forgetting the feet, the masseuse will perform a foot spa with a professional technique. Then the girl provides an amazing sensation by massaging the whole body with her hands.

The most important part of the erotic massage that every man looks forward to during the session is the lingam massage. Lingam massage is a massage of the male sexual organ. Lingam means “rod of light” in the Old Indian language, because in Indian and Chinese culture the phallus is considered a source of energy and supreme pleasure. The purpose of the Lingam mass is to increase and improve male sexual activity. It consists of several techniques that are performed one after the other.

Lingam massage is also called tantric masturbation, but it involves not only acts of friction, but also work on special points under the scrotum, between the testicles and the man’s anus, as well as on the G-spot. Lingam massages can help diversify sex life and give a man a new range of pleasure. A woman can use her hands to bring her partner to multiple orgasms that cannot be achieved with normal or oral sex. She ends the session by washing her body again in the shower and saying goodbye to the beautiful masseuse.

6. Is sex included in the session?

Of course, body massage absolutely does not include sexual contact, but in our salon you can experience a whole new sensation during an erotic massage. A charming masseuse touches and caresses your body with care, which immediately gives you a sense of euphoric happiness and relaxation. Such a massage for the mind is imprinted for a long time to stimulate the memory of the delightful session. By experiencing all the master strokes of body massage, you not only get rid of stress and fatigue, but also significantly normalize the hormonal background and improve the quality of sexual function.

With the help of erotic massage, you can relax, relieve tension of the whole body and feel much better. There are many types of relaxation, but it is the erotic massage that helps you get real pleasure, and at the same time forget all your problems for a while. Erotic massages are performed by beautiful masseuses. The salon also has various interesting programs that you can choose according to your preferences. In addition, the salon offers erotic massage services not only for men, but also for women. Erotic massages for couples are also available.

7. Will I be able to choose my own masseuse?

Yes. To master the subtleties of erotic massage, our exquisite masseuses were properly trained. In order for a body massage session to bring moral and physical satisfaction, it is extremely important to select a masseuse who discriminates between a person’s needs with great sensitivity.

Sometimes it happens that you come to the salon, you do not know the capabilities of the girls in the field of erotic massage, and you can go on a peculiar venture and choose any of them, who will perform a session on you according to your wishes. Shambala Salon is different in that all the masseuses are touchingly interested in what the client wants to get out of the session. They know how to find the right key to the secrets of your soul.

You can use the services of two masseuses at once to make your relaxation massage more luscious and thrilling; then you will get double the pleasure from the treatment. After all, when you have four velvety hands working on you at the same time, it is truly indescribable bliss. Such pleasure can only be given to you by an erotic massage performed exclusively at the Shambala salon. The beautiful and at the same time experienced masseuses in our salon know perfectly which point on the male body to press to make you feel much better. This is a special system that is designed only for the stronger half of men. Our masseuses will turn your strong and stiff body into a soft and supple one, literally with just a few touches. You will feel the care and warmth of these gentle and kind hands, which will allow you to get rid of all the negativity surrounding you that has accumulated for months or even years. This is the ultimate release for the male body, a sensation you won’t experience anywhere else.

8. Can the masseuse come to my hotel?

We only give massages in our salon, because hotels don’t have a pleasant atmosphere like Shambala Massage Salon. Many people are used to the fact that massages usually take place in a dull and sparse interior with only a table and a couch. In contrast, an erotic massage should set you up for a more pleasurable experience, exploring your sexual potential. That’s why we moved away from standard interiors and decided to make the space as lively as possible. Our massage rooms are stunningly luxurious and beautiful. They allow you to fully relax and tune into an erotic mood. Therefore, the massage session itself will be an extraordinary action, plunging you into a world of indescribable pleasures.

Shambala Salon offers not only high-quality erotic massage, but a whole culture of massage. It begins with the interior, which sets the tone for the rest of the procedure. Real miracles happen in our massage rooms, as they are decorated with fantasy and soul. That’s why you have no problem relaxing during the treatment, because you do so as soon as you cross the threshold. All the rooms you see in the photos are available for reservation and can be booked in advance.

9. Do you work at night?

We do not work at night, but therefore our salon is open from 10 am to 10 pm every day almost all year round!

10. How long does a massage session last?

Our salon offers 1 hour, 1.5 hour and 2 hour sessions of amazing massage.


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