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Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vаgina and, loosely trаnslаted, means “sаcred spаce. Tаntric philosophy approаches the vagina from a plаce of love and respect and yoni mаssage as a means of honoring women. While yoni massаge is both sensuаl and pleаsurable, the intent is not to bring the womаn to orgasm but to аwaken her awаreness of her own sexuаlity and generate a bond of trust аnd intimаcy.

The erotic massage is the most publicly recognized fantasy out of all the sexuаl fantаsies of women. It is аn open secret. When а woman fantаsizes about receiving a sensual rituаl, whаt she is looking for is to immerse herself in an atmosphere of eroticism to experience the pleаsure of touch of some soft аnd strong hands with all the senses. Perhаps she wаnts to аwaken new emotions.

What is yoni massage?

Yoni massage – what is it? This is a procedure that helps beautiful women to strengthen their emotional connection with their beloved. With the help of this massage, you can make intimate relationships more comfortable, and also feel the unearthly imposition of proximity.

The meaning of the word “yoni”

Under “yoni” in Sanskrit, a female sex organ is understood – a vagina. Literally translated, the word denotes “womb” or “place of birth.” The male sex organ in the tantra has acquired a sacral name – lingam. Yoni massage (for beautiful ladies) and lingam massage (for strong men) are tantric methods. They were at one time developed on the basis of Eastern practices. So what is it – yoni massage? And how is it right to do it?

Features of the massage

Massage in the area of ​​yoni is an intimate wash for a woman, during which partners create an atmosphere of maximum relaxation and relaxation for a lover. With gentle movements, he brings the girl into a state of strong excitement and ample pleasure.

This intimate massage can be used as one of the types of safe sex. Or as a wonderful option for a wonderful pastime with your beloved person, during which the relationship develops in a pair.

Experienced sexologists and massage therapists claim that this kind of erogenous massage helps women in overcoming various problems in the sexual sphere. For example, those who have some psychological barriers or trauma on the background of sex. Also, through the massage, the release of sexual energy occurs.
The purpose of the yoni massage

Receiving an organism with this procedure is optional. The main goal of a yoni massage for a woman is to get pleasure from yoni massage. and also painless removal of spasms in the genital area, which helps to improve the process of blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. In this case, the body can be a side effect, desirable and pleasurable.

Thanks to the intimate massage, the female representative absorbs the male energy of Yang in order to unite with Yin. The girls who receive pleasure from the massage in the area of ​​yoni claim that in this way the integrity of the entire female body and its essence is restored. So what is it – yoni massage and who should act in the role of a massageist?
Rules of conduct

Massage in the area of ​​yoni should be performed by a beloved man, who, during the massage, acts in the role of a masseur and a specialist, but not more so. This procedure should be carried away only by lovers. Because no one even the most skillful and experienced massage therapist will be able to loosen up and understand a partner, as it will make him a half.

In order to properly conduct a session, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

men and women should be completely relaxed and not think about the obligatory achievement of any results;

  • A young person needs to understand for himself that he can get nothing in return;
  • the session should be carried out, creating a quiet and comfortable atmosphere, for this you can light candles or use an aroma lamp;
  • before the massage, partners should take a relaxing bath;
  • movements should be maximally gentle and affectionate, such that when massaging certain areas of the body of a partner, you could relax and get real pleasure;
  • During the massage, you can use oil with aromatic additives, which should be warmed up a little.

There are no special restrictions in the technique of conducting. The only condition is that the female representative should be fondled in such a way that she received a true inheritance from the session.
How to do yoni massage?

Since the process is quite intimate, the massage should be performed very delicately and neatly. Yoni massage is divided into two stages. The first section can be attributed to gentle massage movements of the whole body.

A woman should be completely relaxed. The lack of tension is very important, since it is in this state that the partners have the feeling that everything is happening naturally and by itself.

After achieving the desired effect, you can go directly to the intimate massage, which is included in the fact that a young man is working on the girl during the massage. In this case, this process understands not only external, but also internal, but how to get it that the representative of the weak was fully dispersed and arrived at the start of the day? What do you need to do for this?

Technology of carrying out

During the procedure, in order to achieve a full relaxation of the partner, you can carry out massage movements not only with your hands, but also to dissolve the process with gentle touches and kisses. Partners should feel themselves in absolute safety, trusting each other completely and completely.

The technique of performing massage in the area of ​​yoni is as follows:

The representative of an excellent sex should lie on her back, with this live one pillow under the head, and another under the berry. The partner is located at her feet.
In order to relax a woman, a man for some time needs to stroke the girl’s back and hips.
After this, the lover should be engaged in a light swallowing of the breast, stomach and legs of the beautiful representative of the female sex.
The next stage of the massage is to swallow the upper part of the yoni, further and the lower one. Movements should be circular and gentle.
After this, you should enter the middle finger of the right hand into yoni, and with the help of a large one, carry out external actions. The intensity of movements during the massage is worth picking up, focusing on the feeling of being in love.

After the massage in the representatives of the weak sex, as a rule, the physical appearance to the full life of the sacred part of the female body is observed, which is directly interfering with it. A woman begins to feel filled with tenderness, patience and love for herself, as well as for the people around her. A beautiful lady, able not only to bestow others, but also to receive true pleasure from life.

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