For hands erotic massage as the name says is performed by two masseuses.

It is the ultimate pleasure when performed in a beautiful and synchronized way by two therapists using hands and body give you an unforgettable time. Four expert hands working simultaneously on all sensitive spots and erogenous areas can be a unique experience.

Whether you are a man or a woman this type of an erotic massage will be the most memorable ever. Give yourself a chance to experience the soft touch of four hands gently massaging your entire body. Indulge yourselves and try the best erotic massage has to offer.

Erotic massage in 4 hands

Erotic massage in 4 hands is a pleasant pleasure without using the services of an intimate character. There are many techniques for influencing the body. Erotic massage in four hands is a kind of exclusive service; it is chosen by those who love sharp sensations, those who lack one massage therapist.

The art and culture of the Asian countries has been renowned for its erotic massage for a long time. For years, the tones of the art of massage have been honed by the temple priestesses in the men’s hospitals. During the massage, the body is disturbed, the soul is relaxed, the pleasure of touching the most intimate and sensual zones of the body.

The person receives inspiration and the necessary stream of cheerfulness, complexes and some doubts about the imperfection of his body leave. Erotic massage in four hands has the ability to bring new horizons of passion into the relationship of loving hearts, and to reveal the entire potential of the body.

Conducting an erotic massage in four hands by two massage therapists is a complete relaxation and, of course, a feeling of an unrepeatable feeling.

A man or a woman will be able to fully relax and get a lot of new sensations from two masseurs at the same time. You will feel like a king or queen in the hands of experienced massage masters. You will not feel ashamed or embarrassed – you will be great. An unusually crazy attack of your erogenous zones will take you to the pinnacle of bliss. It is impossible to refuse in this kind of pleasure, it is necessary to try it without fail.

First, special conditions, entourage, are saved, there is no fuss, the Internet. In total, calm and light music, luxurious apartments and your presence in this world of pleasure and pleasure. You will be able to discover for yourself the world of unknown pleasure and the facets of all the possibilities of the human body, to which there is no limit.

Erotic massage in four hands is a real gift for your enjoyment. Two experienced masters will lean over your body and together will conduct an unsurpassed erotic massage in 4 hands.

The massage program is made in such a way that in some places the masters work together, in some places separately, and they have studied this art for more than one year. There is a gentle touch from four hands, it is impossible to keep track of the excitement of some points, everything merges into the ape of passion.

This type of massage is needed most of all by people who have a greater responsibility.

Constant overload, desire to control everything and everything and keep everything under control, I cannot give rest to the person. These are successful people, so they need a discharge like air. It is hard for them not to think about work, constant thoughts that fill their head, they do not know how to relax and rest.

Erotic massage in four hands will help to turn off the sound mind of even the most responsible client and take him to the world of pleasure and pleasure. The habit of constantly monitoring everything prevents the person from turning off the brain, but only the unexpected action of four gentle touches will confuse him, he will not be able to immediately understand what is being done in reality, because he cannot simply

In this moment, with a person, you can do various miracles and brings him to a high point of bliss from touching his identified erogenous points.

Only in such a state, when so much lost over the surrounding world, a person is able to receive the maximum pleasure from an erotic massage in four hands. The magic dance of four hands will bewitch and enchant, moreover, it leads to muscle tone. This massage has more possibilities to cover every part of your body.

Do you want an erotic massage to bring your partner 2 times more pleasure? Just indulge him with an unusual massage performed at once in four hands.

During the time when two people together massage a part of the body, while moving in the same rhythm, which will allow you to achieve both physical and psychological effect, get new unforgettable feelings and plunge into the world of desire.

The massage can be started from the legs or back, and you can also massage a specific area of ​​the body. During the massage, as a rule, the most intimate places of the person being massaged are touched, but of course it is possible to increase the excitement even without touching the intimate areas. In a few time after the start of the massage, your partner will get into the most real erotic trans. All sensations will become one. It may even seem to him that only the hands of one person are being massaged, if the movements of the masseurs are synchronous.
Benefits of 4 hands massage

In addition to excitement, erotic massage will give the body a mass of useful:

  • Can relieve stress and accumulated fatigue;
  • Restore and normalize the work of the nervous system;
  • Relieve muscle tension and body spasm;
  • Provides blood flow and even improves its circulation in the body;
  • Clearly improve the condition of the skin, ligaments, joints and muscles;
  • Lifting and anti-cellulite effect.

With the correct execution of the erotic massage, you will get the maximum effect, and your partner will get pain I am taking a dose of unearthly bliss.

How to perform erotic massage in 4 hands?

Massage can include absolutely different techniques of classic, Thai, Ayurvedic, Chinese massage. This makes it possible to create new and unusual combinations of movements, which will give a lot of new sensations. If at the moment you do not master any of the techniques, then give free rein to your feelings and fantasy.

Begin doing sweeping and stretching movements on your partner’s body. Of course, do not forget a little piquancy in the massage, alternate light strokes with pinching and pressure. Do the massage intuitively and try not to miss any part of the body of your beloved person during the massage.

Use a variety of additional products – aromatic oils, creams, foam, honey, feathers and silk wipes. After all, they will be able to add sensuality to the massage and will start your partner with a half-turn. Essential oils or creams will perfectly help your hands to slide smoothly on the skin, creating erotic and exciting passages.

Erotic massage in 4 hands can become the impetus for an exciting sexual adventure that will open the doors for you to the world of bliss and relaxation. He has the ability to bring you closer together with his second half, to get rid of the feeling of shame and isolation. Performing a massage with an assistant, you will be able to achieve those results that you would not have been able to achieve alone. So if you are looking for something new, want to change your sex life or just want to please your partner – be sure to choose an erotic massage in four hands.

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