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Couple’s massage

If you want to get new sensations, increase your intimacy with your partner, reduce your stress level and relax together in a pleasant atmosphere, forgetting about all your problems, you should try a couple’s massage in the SHAMBALA  Sauna & Massage Lounge.


From the first minute you enter the room, your relaxation process will begin. Complete nudity during the session will help you plunge into a world of pleasure. Calm down, immerse yourself into the atmosphere of serenity created by dim lighting, candles and pleasant music; concentrate on enjoying this moment. A foot spa in warm water, aqua ritual and sauna therapy will relax and improve the mood for both of you and you will be able to fully enjoy the massage session.

Immerse yourself in an enchanting environment from the moment you step inside, where your journey of relaxation commences. Embracing nudity during the session creates an intimate setting, allowing you to surrender to the sheer pleasure that awaits you. Let the soft lighting, flickering candles, and soothing melodies guide you into a realm of tranquility, where your only focus is on the present moment.

Transitioning seamlessly into Lingam and Yoni massages, you’ll find yourself delving into the depths of sensual pleasure, each touch delicately crafted to ignite your senses and nurture a profound connection between you and your partner.

Our masseuses will create a state of calm with their touch. Using slow gliding strokes, kneads and circular motions will release tension in the muscles. After relaxing your body, they will move on to Lingam massage and Yoni massage, which will allow you to experience all the bliss of an erotic massage.

We assure you that after a couple’s massage at SHAMBALA  Sauna & Massage Lounge you will feel happy, healthy and completely relaxed.

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